Thanks, wordpress

Thanks wordpress. I just love it how you keep from updating the blog with the new post until after I try to re-post it twice. Way to go.


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Knex wind turbines

Here are some videos of knex wind turbines I’ve made

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Make some small paper boxes

I suppose that you could call this origami. TechEBlog has a video tutorial on how to make little paper boxes. They call them snack boxes, but I use them to store my small knex parts in. Once you know how, they are really fast to make. I’ve even made one out of aluminum foil.

Small paper box

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Make your own photo Christmas ornaments

OK, I know that this is the wrong time of year for this, but give me a break; this blog started in February.

Anyway, heres a quick way to make Christmas ornaments from your photos. It’s a really simple project, and it shouldn’t take you more than just a few minutes.

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iPhone box pinhole camera

Someone took the box that their iPhone came in and made a pinhole camera out of it. How’s that for recycling?

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How to photograph tonight’s lunar eclipse

From the New York Institute of Photography comes an article on how to photograph tonight’s lunar eclipse. It gives a lot of interesting technical detail about what camera settings to use, as well as some information about how a lunar eclipse works. Well worth reading.

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Lunar eclipse tonight

Here is some useful info about tonight’s lunar eclipse.

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